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Joel Brust with ostrich chickThe Indian Point Ostrich Ranch was founded by Joel Brust in March, 1992, on the former ranch and home site of Milo and Marjean Sprinkle of the Sprinkle Brothers Cattle Company. Many of the original buildings and structures that supported the Sprinkle family and the cattle operation from the 1940’s through the 1970’s remain in use today.

It is interesting to note, that since ostrich produce red meat and leather similar to beef, the ranch still continues to produce red meat and leather, but from a different species.

Ostrich steaks and burgers are processed under USDA inspection and are packed and sold under Indian Point’s own “Blue Feather” brand. The leather is sold or brokered to the hide market.

Shortly after the ranch’s founding, a selective breeding program was initiated to produce breeding stock that was friendly, and manageable. Indian Point ostrich breeders can be found as far away as Thailand and Canada and throughout the western United States.

The entire Tehachapi operation totals 80 acres including a 60 acre mountain side ranch and a separate 20 acre farm divided by a county road. The ranch contains two natural springs, an oak and pine forest and provides beautiful vistas of the entire Cummings Valley. The ranch primarily produces meat and leather and offers breeding stock for sale. The ranch opened to the public for tours in 1997.

Other Names, Labels, and Trademarks (partial):

  • Blue Feather Ostrich Farms
  • Tehachapi Ostrich Farms
  • Tehachapi Ostrich Ranch
  • Blue Feather Brand Meat, Oils, and Lotions
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